Salonathon is an engine for experimental work, an inclusive creative community, and a great party.  From July 2011 until February 2018, it manifested every Monday night at Beauty Bar Chicago, and it has continued in the form of residencies, retreats and partnerships beyond.  Since 2011, Salonathon has hosted thousands of performances and artists, and has nurtured the development of dozens of new projects and collaborations.

Salonathon is a home for underground, emerging and genre-defying art!

Meet the Staff

  • Jane Beachy

  • Will Von Vogt

  • Joe Varisco

  • Bindu Poroori

  • Corrie Besse

  • Caryn Robinson, aka All The Way Kay

  • Danny LeRoy

Salonathon takes place every Monday night in Chicago at Beauty Bar (1444 W. Chicago Ave).  Salonathon also takes the form of various residencies, retreats, partnerships and one-off extravaganzas.


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Beyond Beauty Bar