Camp Salondawega 2017

Camp Salondawega 2017: Tues, Aug 29th – Thurs, Aug 31st

Calling all generative artists: for the fourth year running, Salonathon will take over the stunning Camp Wandawega in Walworth County, WI for 2.5 days at the end of this summer.  Since 2014, Salonathon has brought artists to camp to share and discuss their work and to spark new creative connections.  

The application deadline has been extended to June 5th!  Click here to view the application, but be sure to also read the important information below.

New format!

This year, instead of bringing an individual work-in-progress, each camper will be assigned to a collaborative group and will make an original work or performance with that group during their stay.  These pieces can either exist solely for that time and place or burgeon beyond.  In addition to working in small groups, we will hold workshops and conversations with the full group, and will provide campers opportunities to sign up for studio visits with visiting artists.

This is an opportunity for artists to work their generative and collaborative muscles in a supportive and uninhibited environment.  Over the course of the stay, participants will create new collaborative work, present said work to the full group of campers, give feedback and dream about each project’s future, participate in workshops, conversations and reflections about creative practice, and develop new creative alliances.  We will ALSO enjoy campfire cocktails, swimming, sing-a-longs, s’mores and much more.  Each project will be documented for a Salondawega video and for artists’ personal use.  To get a sense of the wondrous environs, you can peruse videos and photos from past years at Camp Salondawega here.

Camp Staff!

Jane Beachy & Will Von Vogt will be your trusty Camp Counselors, and will lay out an itinerary for each day.  Bindu Poroori, Joe Varisco and Corrie Besse will round out the team that keeps camp running.  And this year, our beloved chef Mickey Neely will join us for the duration of camp and prepare all of our meals!  

Nitty Gritty!

The cost for this unforgettable adventure is $300 per person* (see below for information on financial assistance), which covers lodging, food, property management fees, and cleaning fees.  Wandawega is very generously donating their grounds to us, giving us access to this gorgeous space at an incredibly reduced price.  Can we say RUSTIC LUXURY REALNESS?!

Applications are due no later than June 1st, 2017.  In order to apply, please submit:

 1) A summary of your artistic practice, aesthetic philosophy, and creative questions with which you are wrestling.  This should serve both as an overview of your work and as an artistic statement.

2) Why is coming to Camp Salondawega an excellent growing opportunity for you at this point in your artistic practice?  

3) What has been your previous affiliation (if any) with Salonathon?  

4) Links, documents, images, and/or media from relevant past projects.  If these are not available, please inquire with for guidance on what to submit in their place.

5) Would you like to sign up for a K.P. Duty shift (or more than one) to reduce your camp tuition?  (See the FAQ section for more information on this.)  If so, please indicate which date(s) you are available.  Note: we do not have enough shifts available for all campers to take advantage, so these will be assigned based on a first-come, first-served basis.

CLICK HERE to submit your application.  Applications are due by June 1, 2017. **Now extended to June 5th!**

Applicants will be notified of acceptance to Camp Salondawega by June 12, 2017. Payment of $300 is due in full no later than August 15, 2017.  See below for information about financial assistance.

Camp Salondawega FAQs!

*1)  Is financial assistance available?

YES.  We are offering a limited number of “K.P. Duty” (aka Kitchen Patrol) shifts available throughout the summer at our underground dining series, Castle Door Supper Club.  In partnership with Chef Mickey Neely and Beverage Badass Rory Toolan, we gather together good folks to eat amazing food and enjoy spectacular drinks under the stars at a secret Logan Square location.  K.P. Duty shifts are available on Sundays June 25th, July 30th, and August 27th.  These (honestly very fun) seven-hour shifts entail serving, washing dishes, set-up and strike of the event.  Working a shift will deduct $75 from the amount you owe.  You are allowed to sign up for multiple shifts.    

2)  How can I get to and from Wandawega?

Camp Wandawega is about a two hour drive from Chicago.  We will be organizing a caravan (how exciting!) to depart from Chicago early in the morning on Tuesday, August 29th.  Let us know if you have a car and are willing to be one of our drivers.  We ask that all carpoolers chip in to cover the cost of gas to and from Wandawega.  For more details on location, check the website.  Once all attendees have been identified, we’ll start a conversation amongst ourselves about the caravan.

3)  What else do I need to know?

Please carefully read the Low Brow Manifesto on Wandawega’s website in order to ensure that you’re down for this wild and wonderful adventure.