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Jessica Marks and Eve Rydberg, aka the Good Night Ladies get inspired by:

Salonathon There’s only one place the Good Night Ladies like to get tipsy and also totally inspired on a Monday night in Chicago, and that is Salonathon at Beauty Bar. One of the great secrets of the up-and-coming “cool kids” performing arts scene, this salon-style event, created by the fetching Jane Beachy, features burgeoning artists of all varieties. It rarely disappoints, offering some of the most increasingly noteworthy voices in theater, music, and performance art in a laid-back, experimental environment. It’s a great place for artists to try out new work since the audience is generally crazy supportive and, well, drrrunk, as there is a freehosted bar before the show. Oh yeah, and it’s free to get in as well. Awesomely, Salonathon’s hittin’ the road and will be doing a one-night-only extraspecial show at the Metro on 12/20 with “You’re Gonna Die: A Holiday Fantasia,” which is sure to be a raucous good time.

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